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Good Morning

I’m still trying to figure out what direction to take this blog. Or even if I want to blog anymore. Although consistency is a major issue. I do like the ability to when I want to write about what I’m making in my own little space in this cyber world.

One thing I have done is gone through my patterns, twice I have to reduce my collection. I told myself you can only have 1, either lots of fabric, or patterns, you can not have both. So I decided to start minimizing my pattern collection. The fabric well that’s another story. 

When I first started sewing in 2014, I will admit that everything that came out if it appealed to me and sometimes when it didn’t I picked up the pattern. I think my pattern collection was up to 600 patterns. 

I am down to 462 patterns. Still a lot but its progress. I have stopped running out and snatching the new release patterns etc. I think my goal is to get down to maybe 350 patterns.
From doing my inventory
I have discovered I really love McCall dresses
I love Simplicity jackets/blazers/coats
Butterick collection is very small, a little of this and that of each
Vogue collection is small, maybe because of the price lol
PDF collection is extremely small
Burda collection is small mainly because my hips don’t align with their sizing and I don’t feel like adjusting every pattern.
Tops I have not made any from any pattern company, odd isn’t it…

I also realize that I’m intrigued by time consuming projects, and I truly do love vintage patterns and styles. So I will be focusing on more on things I like, versus current trends. Which nothing is wrong current trends, I just don’t have to desire to keep up with them. Call me a snail, I might sew something that was popular in 2014, and be super excited like it was just released today.

I think sewing is a very personal thing, and to continue to enjoy the craft
you have to sew what you like,
when you like it,
and how you like it.

Well enough blabbing for now, I have started working on my fall sewing… I’m really feeling 70’s inspired looks so I think my fall wardrobe will have a 70’s vibe. Which is fine by me because guess what I sew what I like lol

I picked up this Nicole Miller Fabric from joann’s a year or so ago. I had intended to make a jumpsuit out of it, Mimi G one, but determine after seeing a few of the makes it wasn’t really going to work for me. So the fabric set on the shelf, and I ended up gifting the pattern away.

I really love the secretary style dresses, and I picked up this Simplicity 8214, I had planned on making the skirt floor length but decided against it, I picked up another fabric to try that look. Now this is a inspired by Project Runway pattern. It seems to me, and I could be wrong that these patterns run small. This is maybe my 2-3 project Runway style. I cut a 22. Normally I can do a 16-18 top, and grade to a 22 for hips etc. But this one I did a size 22. And it fits…snug tho… (give me a couple weeks)

I absolutely love the outcome, I don’t think I will make it again, to many patterns… Moving on to Simplicity 8216 similar but yet different pattern.

But for now enjoy the photos

Fabric for  Simplicity 8214 View A

Bodice View Simplicity 8214 View A

Pockets Simplicity 8214 View A

Front View Simplicity 8214 View A

Back View Simplicity 8214 View A

Side View Simplicity 8214 View A

Buttons close up Simplicity 8214 View A

Its 4 buttons but only see three lol


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