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Good Morning

So I picked up this fabric from up from So Sew English during the Thanksgiving holiday sale. I like a lot of the small business fabric shops, however the cost of shipping sometimes is so high, I tend to shy away from them. But they had a sale that was pretty good, that help off set some of the shipping cost, so I picked up several things. 
I’m currently on a no NEW FABRIC fast at least to June of 2018! I can do this. I will say trim, notations I won’t consider fabric purchase. That’s the only exception.

So back to this fabric. I was in love with this fabric at first sight. It’s a hacci sweater knit. I could have made it very simple by just making a duster, or cardigan. But I wanted a dress. So I looked for something simple and came across this pattern and figured it would work well.

Other than the fabric being very light weight , I think it came together well. I don’t think I will hem it because I like my dresses to the floor. 

Well that’s all for now… Until next time sew on!

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308


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  1. January 21, 2018 / 7:11 am

    Love that style and the fabric.

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