New Me…. New Year… lol Not really

Happy New Year

It is the glorious year of 2018, and I’m excited to see what 2018 holds. My seasonal job has ended, and its a little bitter sweet. I’m glad its over but at the same time, I want another part time job lol.. But we shall see.

I have a few things I want to work on this year sewing related.
My Butterick pattern finally arrived for my coat, so I want to start cutting out pieces and working to get a muslin going this week. Again this will be a slow project, it will be done before next month.

This year I want to focus on sewing things I like to wear, be it the same pattern 15x as long as its something I like. Stop buying patterns because they are new. Continue to reduce my pattern collection, swapping things out for my style, over what’s hot now.
I haven’t sewn anything really in the last couple weeks. I won’t say I lost my mojo just a little drag here and there.

One thing I will do in the new year, is start using my vacation days more, even if its just to sit at home and sew. I have 188 hours of PTO, and of course that’s not with this year, I have to start using it because if I don’t in April they say no more crazy lady until you use what you have.

I noticed a lot of people got coverstitch machines for Christmas and I was super excited like I want one, then I realized I have had one for almost two years now, collecting dust. I need to get over my fear of using it. I’m in one those coverstitch groups on Facebook and its always a discussion about the proper needles purple tip Janome or an Organ Needle sold by wawak.
I’m not sure what needle to get but both sides swears it eliminates skipped stitches who knows.

So my 2018 goals are to use my coverstitch machine, get my serger fixed, and for once sew a garment completely with the two, serger and cover stitch. I hate to admit that I have not ever used my serger solely for a garment construction.
I also have never made leggings stone me… lol

So I want to make some of those, and I want to finally make me some pants/trousers/slacks, and blazers, I have in my life only owned 2 blazers that fitted me well and that was years ago, these arms aren’t made for ready wear blazers lol.

I also joined the Goodbye Valentino Ready Wear Fast, so we shall how that goes.

In closing
This year goals are to focus on sewing more, traveling, and debt reduction small steps, I want to live a little while still handling business.

Well that’s it for now until Next time Sew on


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  1. January 2, 2018 / 8:01 pm

    Use. That. Coverstitch!!!!! 🙂

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