McCall’s Early Spring Patterns

Happy Wednesday
I decided I will try to blog more during my lunch… I normally work through lunch but I’m thinking hey why not take this time to blog

Moving right along
Um, the good thing about social media connecting with people across the world
The bad thing about social media, seeing the same thing over and over again. So I will spare you the repeat of another instagram post about the patterns.

I will say I’m not overly excited about the release, I glanced and that first thought like times in the past, new patterns got to buy those.

Then I saw a few people I follow post, and I felt  a little persuaded to purchase some.  Then I saw, post after post after post, so I thought maybe I will get them. So I went to the website and I really studied the lines, and thought is this something you really want. And the answer is no. Honestly I feel like I have purchased these patterns before, or seen them. I think the fancy sleeves, I get it.
But I don’t need them I think I purchased some fall winter patterns with fancy sleeves from McCall/Simplicity etc.

So I’m good on the patterns. I however, looked at this pants pattern, and even though I think the images suck I wonder if this could be my dupe for this burda pattern I want. Which is one of those pdf patterns. I already know I would have to do adjustments to the burda pattern so I didn’t pull the trigger but looking at this McCall pattern, I wonder will it work.

This is the McCall’s pattern.
Now granted I feel the modeling pictures, and fabric for this pattern is horrific, and I do have a booty so that flatness back there will be round lol…

What do you think? is this McCall a good alternative or not?

or Burda


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  1. January 4, 2018 / 4:29 am

    The McCall's is a true paperbag waist, if that matters. The Burda moreso has a high waist/wide waistband with the folds/tucks in front.

    That pants pattern is the only thing that went on my maybe list. But I'm resolved to only purchase 18 patterns this YEAR so we'll see in time if I really want it.

    Otherwise I agree with your assessment. Some are just fine but it's repetitive and a little boring.

  2. January 4, 2018 / 4:38 am

    I may get the pants pattern but it was nothing like I have to have this.
    Maybe I should come up with a pattern number for the year. I do plan once a month to go through my patterns and try to let go of some.
    I seen some indie patterns I really liked however the 25 dollar price tag I be like uhhhhh maybe not

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