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Can you believe that it’s May already? I’m excited about the warm weather – summer is around the corner! Yay!

Here’s a quick recap from April:

  • I did not sew as much
  • I did buy a lot of fabric – don’t judge! I was emotional!
  • I made a prom dress – which took a lot of my time.
  • My spring jacket is still waiting to be muslin (practice garment).
  • I have also decided what I would like to focus on sewing wise until the beginning of summer.

May/June Sewing Focus

I would like to focus on shirt-dress making, which will be new for me. I’m a little nervous, I have never bought a ready-to-wear (store bought) shirt dress, that fit. They were either too big or too small.

June Shirtdress | $110

women's belted shirtdress - women's dresses Crew (Photo sources)

I know I will have to make adjustments to the patterns so my list of  14 shirt dresses and (2), I discovered today may only end up being 4, lol. But I do have a list that I will try to work through by late fall. I won’t bore you with the list of patterns I am using but it includes a couple McCall’s patterns, some Simplicity and a couple from Vogue.

Some of the adjustments, I know I will have to make will be:

  1. Full bust adjustment (patterns are mostly made based on a b cup, making a full bust adjustment allows for a better fit in the bust area, without sizing up the entire pattern which tends to make it to big in other areas)
  2. Bicep adjustment (adjustment to sleeve pattern for larger arms; increases room in the sleeve)
  3. Swayback adjustment (removing the excess fabric that sometimes pools in the dip of the back)
  4. Hopefully, I can grade for hips (smoothing out the pattern lines, sizing up a size for more room in the hips)

I’m noticing that I’m having to take out a lot of fabric in my center back in my knit dress dresses so I’m assuming this will transfer over to woven. However I have not yet been able to locate in my pattern adjusting books what this adjustment is called, its right at the center of back from the top to about 4 inches in, I need to scoop on average 2 inches out. So if you know what I’m talking about and what adjustment I will need please let me know.

I’m excited about the next couple weeks, my list is long and I probably will only get 4 done but I will extend the shirtdress making depending on how things go.

Suggestions/Recommendation Requested?

Before I go, I’m interested in getting some slopers done, I know there are some online classes I could take but I’m interested in a hands-on class. If you know of any, please let me know. Right now I’m eyeing attending Kenneth King Moulage Class, they take place in August and October. During August the class is hosted in Washington and during October it is in New York. This will be considered my annual trip because with the 3 day class, along with travel and lodging expenses its a pretty penny. So I am considering alternatives.

Well, that’s it for now,

Until next time,

Sew On!!



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