Marigold and Purple love McCall’s 7591

Happy Saturday

Rowing gently through my sea of fabric. I am still very optimistic I will sew through a lot of fabric this summer. I will try to keep track of the total amount sewn. Lately I’ve been thinking on which direction to take my blog. Technically I’ve been blogging since 2014, Consistently never…lol.

I am still up in the air on where to go with it. I use Instagram, which is 99% sewing. It’s very easy to caption a photo and share it. However the downside is, you don’t really control Instagram. You can have an account today, and its gone tomorrow. Blogging is a little bit more secure, but we have seen some blogs taken down as well. Not as much as social media outlets. I enjoy Instagram because its scrolling, looking, liking, small comments and moving right along. I have come across some marvelous seamstress/tailors who are Russian. And of course not being able to speak the language I cant read the caption, to grasp what they are showing and or techniques. However the craftsmanship is worth a follow.

I want to become more consistent with my blog, but I need more specific goals of what would be shared here, and what will be shared Instagram, maybe related but not so much overlap where I’m posting the same content.

Moving right along. I did sew up McCall’s 7591 View B. 
I really loved the split. Fairly easy sew, the top is X- Large, grade to Large to  XL at the hips.

Once I sewed the top together, its lined, I realized that it had substantial side gap. I went back through undid the seams, which I would have looked at closer before understitching.. YIKES! And took out about an inch, and I cut off the excess on the pattern for next time.

The bodice does still drape down but I don’t mind it.

Fabric is from Fabric Mart Fabrics  3 yards used
Brown/Purple/Marigold/Multi Poly/Lycra Abstract Leaves Print ITY

Fabric Mart fabric ITY 

McCall’s 7591 Close Up View B

McCall’s 7591 View B

McCall’s 7591 View B split

McCall’s 7591 View B Back View


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