Happy February…Sewing machine Blues and my first UFO/UFP of 2018 New Look 6123

TGIF! and Welcome to the greatest month of the Year! My birthday and sewing anniversary month. I had these big February sewing plans and they have dwindle down to just making sure I have clothes for my trip later this month.

I am currently having some technical difficulties of such. My serger is in the shop for about the 3rd time. Its been there two weeks. Last time I brought it home it was cutting per the samples, I was given, and one of the samples I finished cutting. But when I used it to finish my knits. It would not cut. So I took back to the shop thinking maybe user error. But the guy tried to cut the knit, two layers of liverpool but it would get caught. When I call to check on it this week, he said he ordered a washer, and it should be in today. I will wait until next week to follow up. 

Even though a serger isn’t a necessity I still want it to finish my seams, and this year I wanted to look into using it for more things. I have attachments that have never been used.
Now, my sewing machine is giving me the blues, it just needs to be replaced. However I haven’t been able to decide on a good replacement. 

My current machine is brother simplicity sb3129. I don’t think it’s a bad machine, however this was my first machine and I made a lot of mistakes with it. Which has resulted in the operation declining quicker than one expected. I have damaged foots, plates, jammed the feed dogs etc. 

I have taken it in to be serviced a few times, but the tension is still messed up, my bobbin still jams, my stitches skip etc, my thread breaks in the machine, I think I knocked something loss in the feeder. AGAIN user error. 

Although having a machine with a zillion stitches is over kill for most. there are still some features I want in my new machine. But I need to find a machine this weekend so we shall see. 

I want a machine that has

  • built in thread cutter
  • at least 7 button holes (my current machine has 10) 
  • max sewing speed at least 850 (would love to go up to 1k without going industrial)
  • speed control
  • lettering style (doesn’t have to be an embroidery machine


Now Back to my sewing project New Look 6123 

Probably one of first patterns I purchased when I first started sewing. I cut out the 18. The only real area of concern was the hip measurement. I knew before starting it was possible this project would end up not fitting. I’m a solid 50 in the hips,(goal is back down to 48 one day one day lol) the finished hip measurement was a 45 1/2 I believe. I was using a knit a liverpool, it has stretch but not over stretchy, lol. But I was willing to test it out. 

I attached the bodice to the skirt,  the back is left open for the zipper. I tried it on, you know how one does a hospital gown, lol. And thought this may not fit me. So I basted the back, and stopped a few inches above the kick pleat. Tried it on, and it fits.
However I had severe gaping in the upper back. So I pinched it out 2 inches, tried it on still to big I went back and pinched some more. I think I’m at about 3 1/2 inches tapering to nothing at the mid back. but my machine is tripping so bad, that I just tossed it to the side for later. 

New Look 6123 View B

New Look 6123

 I do love the sleeve

Beside the back neck gaping I think the fit in the back is fine.

I know this pattern is made for other fabric then knit, but I don’t think that has to much to do with the gaping. I just need to figure out away to take my measurements for future projects. 
I know like the basic upper bust, bust, under, waist, hips. but I dont know if I ever wrote down upper back, shoulder to shoulder, neck to waist, shoulder to apex etc.
So yea I shall put this aside to finish once I get a new machine, or maybe finish in March lol

So for now I’m on a sewing pause, I will deep clean this weekend and try to locate a machine.

Well until next time sew on….. and please share machine recommendation



  1. February 3, 2018 / 3:41 pm

    NL has always been crazy in the neck for me too. I don’t understand who they’re drafting for with that wide neckline!!

    I tried to find specs on your existing machine before recommending my own. But then I saw your list of must haves. I’ve been having my Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 for about 7 months now and love it. Although all 3 is my machines have been Singers (serger and coverstitch, Brother).
    The 9985 has the 850 speed, 6 letter styles, 13 buttonholes, has the built in (push button) thread cutter and has speed comtrol. It’s in the $400-450 range.

    Machine woes are not fun so I hope you get it settled soon!

  2. February 3, 2018 / 8:21 pm

    Thanks I'm going to look that machine up.

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