Give me a “T” ….. My first Stretch & Sew Pattern


I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. My daughter graduated on May 29th. With prom and graduation etc, I had been dragging. I spent the last couple of weeks. Going through my fabric pulling out summer fabric. And I have to admit, I may just have to much fabric on hand. So I will really be pushing to sew up my fabric sooooooo I can yes, “BUY MORE”. 

When I first started sewing I just bought fabric just to be buying fabric. Not knowing what type of fabric I like or much about fabric content, I have ended up with array of fabric. Now that I have a better sense of fabric content, and my personal style. I can do more project driven shopping. And which I have a long list, but I need to MOVE this fabric. 

So summer is dedicated to sewing up as much fabric as possible, Now moving right along. 
I am drawn to are vintage patterns. The love of vintage patterns can be another expensive hobby. Many vintage patterns are priced ridiculous high. I tend to look and not buy those lol. I think of all the fabric I could buy instead. But I do save the patterns, to see if I can find a cheaper pattern, or maybe use a current pattern with modifications. 

Well in one of the facebook sewing detash groups, I came across the Stretch & Sew pattern bundle, it was 3 patterns, this T dress, a pants/short pattern, and a pleated skirt pattern. It was priced for 5,00 with shipping 8,00 dollars total. So I grabbed it. 

Stretch & Sew 1530 The “T”

I really loved everything about this T pattern, 

  • neckline
  • cuffs
  • yoke
  • cuff
  • sides slit

Now when I got, I almost panic, it was only one sheet, front and back. I thought I was missing some pieces, until I realized I would have to trace the pattern. Ugh, I hate tracing patterns. But I said oh well. So I traced it out, went pretty smoothly. 

Since I was making View B, I had to cut on the lengten or shorten line add 15 1/2 inch and then 7 1/2 inch 

Now my oops moment, so I add the length, and I’m looking like you know this thing is pretty long. So I hold it up to one of my other skirt patterns, and its like 7 inches longer. So what do I do, cut 4 inches off. And I cut out my pattern. (Now why isnt there ever a life alarm panic button, or something that goes off and tell you… You are making a mistake) After I had cut all my pattern pieces out. ……

I turn and look back at the pattern. AND then the ligh bulb goes off. This front and back pieces are long because the top is only a crop/yoke. OOOPS… so I go find the piece I cut off, and yes you guess it. I cut my four inch pattern pieces. And sewed it right to the bottom no shame.

The pattern called for a two inch hem, the pieces I sewed on I used a 5/8 seam and I just did a 1 inch hem. Worked fine to me.  Well that’s enough talking for one day, photos below of the finish project.

Stretch & Sew 1530 The “T” 

View B Close Up

Stretch & Sew 1530 The “T” View B 

4 inches add back to the hem.. after my Oops moment

Stretch & Sew 1530 The “T” View B

Back View

Stretch & Sew 1530 The “T” View B

 Side Slits and Cuff

Close up of Cuffs Love these

More sleeve action

Stretch & Sew 1530 The “T”

View B

Bonus before I say,  Until next time….  A couple pictures of my daughter ‘s graduation

For her special day she wore Mccall’s 7160

Mccall’s 7160/M7160 Fabric: Joann’s 

I wore Vogue 9251 She wore McCalls 7160


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  1. June 18, 2017 / 3:21 pm

    Love that vintage S&S pattern. Gorgeous dress from it! Your daughter's dress is beautiful. Loved her smile, great accomplishment!

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