Geometric 70’s Vibe McCall’s 7476 and Army Fatigue inspired Vogue 8780

Happy Friday

Continuing in my quest to build up my cardigan collection, I made McCall’s 7476 View B with C collar.

Pretty easy sew, however maybe it was just me but I thought the sleeve pattern was a few inches larger than then the drop shoulder section. But I eased it the best I could. This also have pockets so that’s always a plus

McCall’s 7476 View C with View B collar

McCall 7476 View C with View B collar 

Side View

I still haven’t decided on a button for McCall 7476
I also made OOP Vogue 8780. Image result for vogue 8780

This was also a very easy sew, I would like to make it with a different fabric this dark color, I’m not sure if its really my style. I will hang it up, in the closet for a few weeks to see if it grows on me, if not I will give it away.

Vogue 8780 Front View

Vogue 8780

Vogue 8780 it has pockets too! 

One hand in the pocket 

I’m not sure what I will make next yet. I want to start making fall dresses, but this Indian Summer is playing with my emotions. It’s 95 degrees today!!!

Both fabrics are from fabric mart
McCall 7476 : Stucco/Black Retro Circle Jacquard Double Knit
Vogue  8780   :Shadow Gray/Smoke Gray/Slate Gray/Multi Camo Print

Well that’s it for now until next time … SEW ON


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