Friday Ramblings -Snow Day New Machine New Patterns

Happy Friday!!!


Well first thing, I did get a new sewing machine. I went with Ks Sews from suggestion. I picked up the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985. I have not used it. It did come Monday, there will be a learning curve because its different from my brother’s machine. But I have the manual out and hoping to get it threaded in a couple hours. I have things that need to be made. And the clock is ticking.
It is nice getting a machine that someone else has that you trust, that way if you get stuck you can ask for help. I will say shopping for sewing machines can be overwhelming at times. And it seems that a lot of manufacturers cater to the quilter, over the garment maker, when it comes to features on machines.


My serger is still in the shop no word from the repair shop, so that can’t be good. I am over my budget for the year for sewing equipment. Although a new machine wasn’t in the budget either so I’m hoping that my serger can be saved. I am an avid rummage sale fanatic so this spring and summer I will keep my eye out for a second serger.

Simplicity spring patterns are out. Nothing to rush out and get.
Didn’t like Mimi G patterns this spring. Although she did make her pattern 8611 in a lace, on Instagram and I thought it was very pretty. But the pattern I don’t need for myself. On one of her stories a couple months back she stated she had an awesome fall pattern coming out, so I shall look to see what she release in the fall.

Simplicity Pattern 8609 Misses' Skirts and Knit Tops

I like this pattern, the tops, although I have a tummy so we shall see by summer if I’m willing to wear this. Again nothing I will picking up this month or next month. Just a mental note. Simplicity 8609 #8609

Simplicity Pattern 8604 Misses' and Petites' Jacket

I do like this pattern but I cant wait, or pass all together. Simplicity 8604

Simplicity Pattern 8595 Misses' Knit Dresses

I might pick this up in a later month on the 99 cent sales. Its a basic Maxi dress pattern. I don’t think I need it because I have 1 or 5 lol already but its a good pattern I think for someone just starting out to get patterns. Simplicity 8595

                                               INDIE PATTERNS

Helen’s Closet released a new pattern this week. I sort of want but I’m not sure. I did want her blackwood cardigan pattern but that’s 14.00 and the legging pattern she released is 11.90. So that would be 25.00 for two patterns. Pretty steep for me. I thought about asking for it for a birthday gift. I have a few vintages patterns I want, and I could get like 5 of them for 25.00.

The new pattern is a legging pattern, and I know a couple weeks ago I went on a vent about the never ending independent pattern makers, and the repeated styles. lol
So yes this is a legging pattern, why I’m interested in it is because
It has no side seams. It has a crotched gusset and is high waist. But 12.00 dollars I shall think about, or just get the cardigan.
Avery Leggings

Blackwood Cardigan

Edit- I just found another legging pattern that doesn’t have side seams. So maybe its a common option, this one is 7.95


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  1. February 12, 2018 / 6:07 am

    Leggings with gussets are the best!!! Makes a huge difference in comfort, especially for fitness leggings.

    Nothing in Simplicity's release spoke to me. It's good because I may actually make it TWO WHOLE MONTHS without buying any patterns! Woohoo! lol!!!! 🙂

    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on your new machine!

    ((can you update the name to 'KS Sews' or 'KS'?))

  2. February 12, 2018 / 6:37 am

    Updated..sorry about that. I purchased a couple patterns the last couple months maybe 4 or 5 total. I think I'm going to go through my patterns and purge again. And my closet. I have some things I made I wont never wear so they need to be gone.

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