Floral and Cream Delight McCalls 7429 Revisited

Happy Saturday

So this isn’t my first time making this dress, I have made twice before, the first one wasn’t bad but I hated the neckline, the second one is a mauve/blush color, I really liked that one but also hated the neckline. Two different necklines.

One thing I’m learning as I continue this sewing journey is being okay with things I don’t like. Which means skipping a pattern altogether or modifying. I don’t know how to draft patterns so modifying a pattern is a skill I’m learning to build on. I knew I wanted to make this dress again but didn’t know how to modify the neckline. I thought about dropping the neckline, but the way pattern was made I wasn’t sure if I could it ,correctly-being an amateur at pattern modifications. So I decided on a boat neck. The only thing I did not have a boat neck that I thought would work.

That all changed when I found my new favorite pattern, The Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren, I reviewed it on the blog this month so check for it if you havent seen it yet. The modify was easy once I realized that I had to fill the hole for the original neckline, so I laid paper across the back.
Took my Gable top pattern matched shoulders and cut the new neckline.

I cut 18 top and graded to 20 at the hips

I made two versions.
The cream color, I made 3/4 sleeves I love this style of sleeve, I just a few inches up from the long sleeve option.
I made View b and View C
The fabric from Joann’s Fabric Store.
I think the dress came out okay. Fabric is a little thicker, but sewed together well.

The purple floral is from Fabric Mart Fabrics. I’m going to make a top out of this floral, I bought 5 yards for some reason not sure what I had planned for but I’m going to make a peplum top.

Well that’s it for now until next time Sew on

McCalls 7429

McCalls 7429

McCalls 7429 back I’m convinced my dress form is crooked 

McCalls 7429 Modified Neckline

McCalls 7429

McCalls 7429 details

McCalls 7429 detail drape

Modified McCalls 7429 neckline


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