Finally found me a boat neck pattern, I love The Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren

So I’ve been searching high and low for a boat neck pattern, for a knit, with a fitted bodice. I’ve found tutorials on how to make one on an existing pattern or free hand but not a pattern. Last week on instagram one of the fabric stores, Minerva crafts, posted a photo of one of their bloggers who had made a dress out of this pattern. And I had to have it.

The pattern is 11.00 dollars which isn’t to much, not the cheapest but not the most expensive I have seen for indie patterns. And I really wanted this pattern, and will use it a million times, because this my favorite neck line.
So I feel it was worth the investment. It does come with a copy shop formatted version, but somebody just printed at work…. lol.

It was pretty quick putting together, I did like how the sleeves have different pattern pieces so you can just print with option you want. I printed everything at once. I wanted a center back seam so I did a seam allowance and did not cut the back on the fold. I sorta which I hadn’t cut the center back seam, just due to how the flowers are by the back seam, but it doesn’t look to bad. Center back seams lay better on me, so I prefer them.

I believe its a great pattern, she has a couple more patterns I would like but they are not in the budget right now, so I will look out for a sale or something.

Overall this pattern is a win win for me. No regrets

I cut a size 18, and guess what didn’t have to do a full arm bicep adjustment …. maybe due to the smaller seam allowance but still great fit

(insert small rant here, you can skip over and go to the photos if you like)
I have seen an increase in indie pattern makers lately, like a lot. And while I say if its your passion, go for it. It bothers me a little that a lot of patterns are just repeated patterns with a different name. I could name about 50 different leggings patterns of course they call them other things but still. Its just a legging pattern. And for me I have to go with the big 4, because of the pattern sales, so I rather pay 99 cent, 1.99 for some leggings, over an indie pattern for 7.00 or 10.00 or more. I just feel that if you want to be an independent designer bring something that’s new and refreshing and hard to find.
I saw one indie pattern release a pattern and it appeared that patterns would be inclusive but the range stopped at 18, maybe the sizing will be more along ready to wear, but for me Im top 16-18 bottom anywhere from a 20-24. I’m not buying a pattern that will already be more than I normally pay to alter it to fit. I would prefer to buy a vintage pattern. But these are just my rants. Clearly these indie pattern company have a following so they know what they are doing, but I prefer things that are fresh and new. Even with the big 4, I’v learned to pass on the same pattern repackage different.

Well Until next time Sew On

The Gable Top

The Gable Top /Alter Dress

The Gable Top
Close up of neck line

Center back seam?? I don’t think its toooo bad


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