Good Morning

I’m ordering my coat lining, this week. Probably today, I didn’t get a chance to order it last week, got busy. And I have this thing now due to Amazon of expecting fast packages, so I tend not to order things at the end of the week because I want to receive it the week of the order.
I’m ordering from Vogue Fabrics, so I think I should still be able to get it this week.

 I know childish but Amazon has spoiled me. Well that’s the update on the coat, I probably will cut out the bodice pattern pieces this evening and set it to the side. Still waiting on the Butterick pattern. The seller sent me a message this morning that it was returned to her because the label fell off. So I have to wait another week for that.

But that the only update I have about the coat

Blogging 2018

I’m debating if I want to give up blogging, on one hand I love having my own space in the world, but on the other hand I feel like its a lot of work and I wonder if I’m being effective. I thought about vlog, but haven’t decide on that one yet? Any thoughts on which one is better.
I’m also a member of sewing pattern review
and Sewing Portfolio
and I have my instagram
I wish that there was a way, that once I did my blog post, I can click a button, and my sewing review is sent to Sewing pattern review, and my photos are sent to Sewing portfolio but it doesn’t.
So I feel like I have all these different communities and you have to post separately on all of them.
But is it EFFECTIVE is my question?
I like sharing my sewing makes, and I want to learn new techniques, and document the process.
I don’t feel like I’m a tutorial type of blogger, and I feel like there are a million in one technique videos, I just want to share my makes, lol.
The thing with social media we don’t own those, and I guess technically I don’t own blogger, but its still my blog outside of social media, or rather the domain name lol… 
So what do I do? Do I give up blogging, move to video blogging? Or just keep my Instagram, and post reviews on sewing pattern review or sewing portfolio
Questions I have with no answers….
Help a sista out, any advice would be appreciated.
Well that’s enough of blogging issues. Lets Talk Spring Patterns.

                                      Simplicity Patterns

I’m really trying to cut down on patterns. As I’m learning my taste. I am accepting I don’t have to buy a pattern because its new. I did a pattern cleanse where I got rid of at least 250 patterns, unfortunately I think I have bought about 50 more, My phone says I have 469 patterns. The goal is to never own more than 500, and hopefully maybe get down to 350 possibly. I do need to let some patterns go because I know I will not make them EVER.
So the new Simplicity patterns its a couple I like
My likes
Simplicity Pattern 8550 Misses' and Women's Dress, Tunic and Top
I love View A but I would need a belt to cinch my waist, I also wouldn’t mind A as a top for a jumpsuit.
Simplicity Pattern 8560 Misses' Knit Sports Bras
I’m doing the RTW fast, and I need some new sports bras, so unless I make time to pick up some before the 31st I will need this pattern to make some.
Simplicity Pattern 8548 Misses' Knit Dress
I love this pattern because its simple, it has the raglan sleeves which looks nice on me, its plain, but can be dressed up or down. If  I pick this one up, I would force myself to get rid of 10 patterns.  To accept this one lol.
The patterns that was disappointing to me, was Mimi G patterns, please don’t stone me. But I felt like she is starting to repeat things. I love a lot of her independent patterns, she puts out, however they are pdf patterns, and I don’t have the resources to print them. And I took one of her patterns I did pick up to the printer to get printed, and they told me it would need two pages, it was like 18.00 dollars. I was like nope and I did print that one at my job.
I liked more of her older patterns for Simplicity, but I will say majority of them I have given away because I realize they weren’t my style. I do still plan on making Simplicity 1283 and the coat from Simplicity 8451. I also still have Simplicity 8392 and 8334 (all those snaps required for this one is one of the reason why it has set, I may give up on that one. I think the snaps will cost more than the fabric lol.
But I’m not feeling the direction her Simplicity patterns are going. I did see a video she did when she talked about the process for doing a pattern with Simplicity and how much in advance she has to work on it. But yea, not liking it.
I can’t draft patterns, not one bit, hence the reason why my winter coat will be a combination of two patterns …. lol so don’t my two cents.
This pattern Simplicity Pattern 8547 Misses' and Miss Petite Dress by Mimi G Stylereminds me of
Simplicity Pattern 1276 Misses' and Miss Petite Knit Dress from Mimi G Style
This pattern
Simplicity Pattern 8558 Misses' Separates by Mimi G Stylereminds me of
Simplicity Pattern 8093 Misses' Sportswear from Mimi G Style

Good Morning

I haven’t touched my machine in a couple of weeks. Shameful I know, but I’m working a second job right now, so I’ve been super duper tired. Every day, I say I’m a quit the second job, then pay day rolls around and I’m like well its not so bad.

Truthfully I love my second job, most days, I’m on my feet and I walk a ton, I average about 14,000 steps a shift. I wrote out a 5 year plan/goals, stuck it on a board, and I guess you can call it a vision board, lol. I need a photo of a couple tho, because I’m thinking its time to actively start dating. So my mother can stop asking me, Anna, you got a boyfriend yet!!

Moving right along, so my goals for December, is to start my winter coat, here is the inspiration

Winter Coat Goals
Related image

Image from google
Dior Fall 2013 or maybe 2014

Oddly enough my friend sent me a text saying, I better make her a head scarf before I start a whole Olivia Pope winter coat.
I don’t watch scandal so I wasn’t aware, that this was worn by Olivia Pope, I may try to locate the episode to see if any shots of the back of the coat.
Image result for back of dior dress coat black

 I thought this coat had a curve front hem now found another shot of this coat, and its straight, so maybe it was the camera angle, and the leg moving, but I’m leaning toward curving the front hem

Image result for back of dior dress coat blackImage result for back of dior dress coat black
Image result for back of Christian dior fall black coat

Back of the coat

I love the back of the coat, not sure how much I plan incorporate into my coat but I do love it

My Pattern Choices

Image result for butterick 5824

Butterick 5824

It’s out of print and was hard to find in my size, I even sent a instagram message to McCall’s pattern company, and Gertie herself no response back of course. I posted in a few facebook groups, then I remembered Gertie had a group so I posted there, and found one in the UK, so it should be here this week.
What I love about the pattern is the skirt and the collar, I feel this collar could be flipped up or worn down.
I started looking at different versions of this coat, and realized I wasn’t liking the bodice and sleeves fullness, which she designed to be like this per her blog post, and seeing the finished garments on multiple people I wasn’t sure if I wanted that. I wanted a more tailor cut. Because I already have larger arms and didn’t want all that extra space.

So I went back and looked at this

Image result for vogue 9040
Vogue 9040

Honestly I think this pattern is suppose to be inspired by the Dior, just my thoughts. I sort liked the coat but wasn’t thrill by it, however the bodice and sleeves, are perfect. So the goal is to take View D bodice and sleeves and put it on Butterick 5824 skirt.

I do want to keep the collar of the Butterick but I may play around with both to see which one I like the most. If I use Vogue I will have to have it extended to meet the front, it stops and just flaps the way it currently design and I don’t like that.

I don’t like either pockets, so I will have to figure out how to do my own.


My body coating is from Fabric Mart, its a dark blue cashmere wool blend.
I’m leaning towards ordering this kasha satin lining from Vogue Fabrics

I’ve been reading about interlining/underlining, and I haven’t really grasped it yet. If I use the kasha satin lining, which has flannel backing will I still have to interline the coating itself. Not so much the interfacing of it. If that makes sense.

I was debating if I should go with a cheaper lining, and just use a interlining for the whole coat, or just stick with the Kasha satin lining.

Other December Plans

Well that’s enough about the coat, I also want to make two dresses this month, one I want a really fancy velvet dress, 70’s vibes but I have no where to wear it too, unless my couch with wine counts.
I can’t think what the second dress was for, oh the Little Red Dress project I may skip it tho because I can’t think of anything to make.

I do have some cognac velour I want to make into a jump suit, we shall see. The only downside of the jumpsuit, is the zipper and not having anyone to unzip me when its time to go to the bathroom. I thought of making it off the shoulder, that way I have no problems. If I make it off the shoulders, I want fancy sleeves then.

Granted its already December 7th, lets see how much of this really gets done this month. I do plan to blog about the coat making process.

Well that’s enough rambling for now…

Until Next time Sew on