Welcome to March

Where did February go… geeze I will admit I did not get around to do anything I planned for the month of February, life just got in the way. I got sick the week of my birthday, my mom was sick it just wasn’t the best month.

I am refocusing now, I think I want to focus more on Spring/Summer looks for the next couple of months. I still plan to do my craftsy classes on jacket making and pants. I also want to reorganize my sewing space/area.

Moving right along, for the last 4 years I have volunteered at my daughter’s school annual auction/dinner. This is our last year, bittersweet.
Each year they have different themes, this year was Kentucky Derby. I was super excited because I always love the fashion from the Kentucky Derby and of course it reminds me of Pretty Woman. So I was more than thrill to be able to create a dress for the event. I went through my patterns and decided on McCall’s 7467 View D. I used some fabric I had purchased last year for my birthday dress. Clearly I never made. See something about me and my birthday never works out as plan.

The dress itself was an easy sew, my fabric was a little thinner than I would have liked, but I just made sure I wore a black slip (yes still wear those) under it and it worked out fine.

The fabric is beautiful, purchased from Fabric Mart

I made view D, however the collar was made to fold over, and it didn’t sit right to me, the pattern didn’t call for interfacing and I didn’t want to worry about it being all out of whack during the event, my fabric was to soft, so I ended up making a facing from the collar and sewing it down. It looked okay to me.

Besides changes to the collar, I kept everything the same, I did peg it a little at the bottom maybe half a inch.

Well until next time Sew on!

McCall’s 7467 in progress

McCall’s View D Original neckline

McCall’s 7467 Front View

McCall’s 7467

 Don’t ask what I was doing with my hands 

Ode to the Hat