Happy Hump Day

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It’s February 1st, my birthday month and my sewing anniversary month.Image result for sewing machine cartoon
I was thinking of doing a Me Made for the month but have decided to focus on completing two of my craftsy courses. One is a blazer course and the other is a pant’s course. 

I have shied away from both for a while but really want get into making blazers and pants. I have not been able to find a blazer in the store that fits due to my larger arms or rather biceps and my bust. Pants are hard to find also because of my butt. So those are my two goals for this month.


My Sew Anniversary goals this year

  • Is to finally start using my cover stitch machine
  • Find better ways to use my serger functions
  • Sew more wovens/
  • Improve on fitting
  • Maybe MAYBE just MAYBE sew for others

Well until next time Sew On