Happy Sunday

It seems sorta strange not watching football today! Sigh, well anyways I decided I wanted to make something quick today. I have a project I was working on yesterday but I had to put it to the side, to rework some things.

So I grabbed this plaid fabric I bought from fabric.com, last year and pulled out McCall’s 7432,

 I wanted View B, but for whatever reason I thought it was the length of F. I wanted a floor length dress.
However fabric restraints I had to settle for View B. I have a  big container of scraps and  floor container overflowing, so I decided to go scrap diving. I still have some sheer knit left over from a dress I made for my daughter, so I grabbed McCall’s 7430 sleeves.

The dress was a easy sew, it is part of the learn to sew series. My V neck is not perfect but it works.
Funny thing with this dress I wanted my side seams to match, and I thought once I cut it it did but No.. DARN DARN DARN

However my sleeves match, and from the sides, my sleeves match up to the front and back so I will give myself 5 points lol. I’m still going to wear it proud like the side seams match.

Until next time Sew on…

McCall’s 7430 Sleeves
Look they match

McCall’s 7432 Front View 

View B

McCall’s 7432 Back View 

View B

McCall’s 7432 Side View 

View B

McCall’s View B Side View 

McCall’s View B Front Neckline View

McCall’s View B 

Neck line Close Up


Well the Packers lost 😭
Glad I decided to make a dress today. I have the idea of a Me Made for the month of February. So I’ve started making things. We shall see how far I get. God knows I have enough fabric and patterns to make it happen.

Moving right along, I decided for McCall’s 7430 I wanted view B neckline and hem and I wanted view D sleeves which was two parts.

The adjustments I made to this pattern were cut upper 18 and graded to 22 hips
I did have to do a full bicep adjustment which I did not want to, but I knew a 18 arm would be to small. I was a bit confused because D sleeve is two pieces and I kept looking at the bottom piece wondering where to cut it for the cap spread. But I realized I didn’t have to cut it for the sleeve cap because it was already cut in two pieces. Yay me so I was able to cut the middle of both pieces spread a part tape down the added make sure the ends lined up and I was done.
I did redraw the cap height however after measuring it up to my shoulder I determine it wasn’t needed.

The hem I didn’t think would work out but it does curve like in the photo. It was a pretty easy sew and I believe I will make it again. I liked how it doesn’t take a lot of fabric to make.

Well 1 out of 28 items needed for next month is completed ✅

Until next time

Sew on…….

McCall’s 7430 cutting layout 

minus the contrast pieces

McCall’s 7430 in progress

McCall’s 7430 Complete Front View

McCall’s 7430 close up of contrast pieces 

View D used View A Neckline

McCall’s 7430 Side View Sleeves

McCall’s 7430 back View

McCall’s 7430 View A hem it curves

McCall’s 7430 closeup of hem

Happy New Year- Can we still say it it’s only the 12th???
I had an interview I was anticipating, and I knew the look I wanted. It was a dress that was worn by Michelle Obama that I really liked. It was clean and plain, but I really loved it.
I wrestled with the thought of it, because I thought hmmm I could really pull this off, or I could end up looking the ushers at the funeral home!
I went through my patterns and found McCall 6989, I wanted a straight skirt so I used the Patterns for Pirates pencil skirt pattern and mashed it up it worked pretty well.
For the dress I used a black scuba knit picked up from Joann’s and some white velour for the collar.
For the bodice I cut a 14 shoulder and neckline and 16 rest of the bodice. I found that the shoulder was to long. I did not want to cut through the serge stitching but the hanging shoulder was annoying me so I went to picking removed about a inch, and wrote down my shoulder length for future projects.
I also took in about a inch going down the arm area to the side, so not sure if it was being I was using a knit but this pattern seems to wrong big or maybe it was because I was using a knit type product.
I ended up doing a jacked up full arm adjustment on the sleeve pattern, which was a two piece sleeve pattern. And none of my adjusting books had instructions so yea I made up something.
 I will save you the agony of seeing the photos. I ended up pinching all the extra and then some out, once sewn together so that was a waste. The sleeve cap seem to have had a lot of fullness didn’t really care to much for that, took some out.
I did do a sway back adjustment on the bodice because they have the lines on the pattern and worked pretty good
Overall for not doing a muslin first, or paper fitting, I really like the dress!
Wore it to the interview, and felt very FIRST LADY LIKE

Bodice Making McCall 6989

Finished Dress Bodice McCall M6989

Finished Dress

Close up of the Collar