Happy Football Sunday

As I prepare to start my fall wardrobe, I had one goal this summer and that was to sew a swimsuit. I put it off for majority of the summer, scared to cut the fabric. But I got over that fear with a few days of summer to spare!

Vogue 9192, I made view B. It wasn’t a hard sew persay, the 3/8 seam allowance was a bit new, so some of my elastic is not completely unseen. I love the fabric bought it from facebook in a fabric group. It’s lined with some swimsuit lining from Joann’s. It did use a lot of elastic, 6 yards.  Now just to plan a vacation, somewhere warm where I can wear it.

I think I did a pretty good job, room for improvement indeed, and of course since I made it I’m a rock it!

Vogue 9192 Front View
View B

Vogue 9192 Inside View
View B

Vogue 9192 Front inside View
View B