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I’m truly excited about the new year! I am officially back to blogging. A few bumps and bruises in the last year, which caused me to have to take a break.
But I’m back!

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As I plan for my third year of sewing! I do have a few things I want to learn, and that is blazers and pants. I’m super excited about advancing my sewing skills, as well as looking forward to my birthday this year!

The big 35! I do have a sewing project plan for that, but we shall see how January goes. The winter months are the busiest for my 9-5. And some evenings I am exhausted. And one thing I have learned never sew or cut, or seam rip when I’m tired. It’s just a disaster in the making.

Side note: What’s the deal with simplicity website!! How many times did I log off and log back on thinking something was wrong with my computer. The website is horrible, also feel like I’m going to go crazy waiting for the Simplicity patterns to go on sale, I cant afford retail but the spring collection its a few that I want. So I am literally counting down the days to a new sale, come on sale!

                                Until next time Sew on!!!