Would you believe that I didn’t go into Joann’s or Hancock today? Well it wasnt by choice!

My part time job informed me that my contract had ended because they loss the account. Which means I have no extra money to play with for now. I was upset when I heard the news but the more I thought about I felt bad for all the people who worked for the company full time, because now they are with any income.
It was an independent contract position which I didn’t mind because it wasn’t my primary job in regards to benefits. But just think of all the people who had been working on this particular account for 5+ years (I had been there going on 1 year), and with one call their unemployed and not eligible for unemployment. So I guess this would be one of the downsides of being 1099 contract employee.

On the upside I have more time to sew, I will have to use my stash which is overflowing, and I’m stocked up on notions. I guess I will try to enjoy the next couple of months of not having a second gig, but I will have to replace it so that can I stop deleting emails from my favorite fabric stores.

Well in other news my stape is in, I had plan on doing the Pamela Pattern Peplum sew along that Fabric Mart was hosting, I believe it was last month, and this month. But I never ordered the pattern. But I did read all the steps and became intrigued with the stay tape demonstrated.
Video retrieved from  YouTube:

Pamela’s Patterns – Stay Tape Application For Knits

As I prepare to go summer dress and attire crazy I thought it would be wise to invest in some tape to stabilize my garments.

The stay tape that Pamela talks about in her videos, is made by SewKeysE she has several different products for stabilizing fabric, but I only picked up a few. Good thing I ordered this last week. I’m excited to use them this weekend.
Pamela  does not carry all the tapes but they can be ordered directly from the maker SewKeysE

I purchased

  • Woven Stay Tape 1/2 inch use for shoulder seams/crotch/stabilize center front of cardigans etc
  • Knit Stay Tape 1/2 inch use for hems/necklines/side seams/sleeve seams in laces
  • Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape 1 inch uses for hems/zippers/kick pleats/necklines in tiny pleats/apply trims 
Each package is 25 yard roll

Detail PDF from Emma Sea Brooke site

So Im curious to know do you have a favorite stabilizer? Do you even stabilize your garments? 

Hey guys!
So if you recall, I had decided to make a shirt for my husband for his birthday. But after reading David Coffins shirt making book I realized I needed to wait and order some supplies. I ordered from his list of essential or picked up in the store 
glass head pins- Joann’s
100% cotton embroidery thread -ordered Madeira Tanne Size 50-Sewing Supply Warehouse
rolled hem foot 1/8 in-Sewing Supply Warehouse 
straight stitch foot –Sewing Supply Warehouse

He list other essentials for shirt making in the book, I still would like to purchase
 A felling foot
Sleeve board 
Gingers 5in Tailors Point

So these items are listed along with my other sewing room wish list. Waiting of course for the perfect coupon.
I will be first to admit that David Coffin book has a lot of information to take in, and I can not just grasp everything and move right into shirtmaking, so I decided to just and improve as I go along.
So when making this shirt, because I have tried before and fail miserable, I started with the chapter on fittings, patterns, draping etc. And the first step he listed for fitting was finding a yoke that fits. 
I grabbed my Mccall 2447 and I stuck it to my husband back, and it fit. Which is amazing in itself because my husband has a wide back!! So I figured I would not be too disappointed, I took the other pattern pieces and I draped it on him and it seem to fit. I moved right along to making the shirt. 
I purchased the nook version of David book, and unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to print the pages. He has several great diagrams that I needed and wanted to hang on my wall, but since I didn’t feel like going back to my screen reading and going back forth, I decided to proceed with the instructions for Mccall 2447. Which I most say these instructions were not good at all. So bad that I got on the computer and prayed that someone had made this shirt and wrote about. I came across the blog Line of Selvage
Talk about a life saver, he really really helped me get through this shirt, I ended up making some of the mistakes he wrote about which I’m going to contribute to the poor instructions. The instructions also had a tremendous amount of hand sewing. I did not do any.
The only thing that didn’t fit once I was finished was the very top button near the collar had to be eliminated because the neck wasnt wide enough to close. I have to figure out how to get around this because this is also an issue sometimes in his store bought shirts.
I give myself a B- on this project plenty of mistakes and things I will need to improve but its wearable and it looks nice.
I give these instructions a D-
I will talk about the constructions issue in a different post.

Final Photos Below-View D

McCall 2447 View D Front

Mccall 2447 View D

McCall 2447 View D

McCalls 2447 View D

So Joann’s has a 60% coupon and I still had a balance on my gift card from my birthday. So I stopped in looking for a pattern for my daughter and some fabric for her sewing class. Well didn’t find what she wanted probably because I already have the pattern she wants to make some palazzo pants.

Now I know it’s no coincidence  that when these coupons come out everything is always on sale so you can’t use it because it has to be regular price item.

So on my wish list  now currently is
A new cutting mat -it was on sale 40% not in the budget still this week
Ginger 5 in tailor points – they never have them
Sleeve board
Button hole spacer- they don’t care it
Wonder clips
And some other things I can’t find my list right now
I’m always waiting for a coupon so by the end of the year I should have my list checked off

After searching for something to buy I ended up with mccall patterns, and I figured this will just be it today no coupon usage for me
I’m headed to the checkout and I see wonder clips!! I frantacilly search for a sale sign don’t see it
Regular price is 32.99 so I do the math 60% this will do!! I go to check out and I get my wonder clips for 12.95!! Can you say happy happy

Is it strange that little things like this makes me happy!!

Hello All 🙂 
I stopped in Hancock Fabrics on Friday to pick up some patterns, Simplicity that I had waited patiently for 2 weeks for them to go on sale. 
Although my husband had tried to convince me to just purchase them two weeks ago. And I insisted I could wait. 
So I went in Hancock with a 20.00 budget just get my patterns and leave, but that spot the bolt section caught my attention, so I ended up going over budget by 20.00 dollars.  Not bad I guess. 
I got 5 yards of this linen/poly blend material for 15.00 dollars. 

This weekend Jo Ann has its 25% total purchase coupon available for use. Since I was already over my sewing budget for the week, I knew I wouldn’t be making an appearance so I asked the lady if I could use the coupon there. Now my husband decides he wants to read the coupon policy and he says well I don’t think you can use it because right there it says….SIGH ….
Well the lady allowed me to use the coupon, because she said since I was apart of the Hancock reward program. Now I tell my husband later in the car, I never find a reason not to use a coupon I let them tell me I can’t. But I never give them reason to not allow it…
I don’t think he gets the coupon thing. 
I have also decided that I’m okay with not being able to freestyle a design, I will stick to patterns. Maybe one day I will venture into pattern making, but I need structure and lines, and not much guessing at this time. I attempted to freestyle, this pleated skirt. 
The skirt before waistband attachment

Which I guess came out okay, but the waistband and zipper placement is off. 
After waist band 

Eventually when I get a new zipper foot, or rather invisible zipper foot. I have to figure out the mystery in zippers. I have tried watching youtube, pinterest and googling, and then it dawned on me I have books. So I used A to Z Sewing which was pretty straight forward. I will replace the zipper and redo the band. But that is it for me with doing something without a pattern. 
So here are a few attempts of my trying to put the zipper in, not bad last time, to far down in the finished skirt.
First attempt

Second attempt- better 

I think the next few weeks I will spend working on spring and summer attire. Maybe a dress for Easter, I want to attend a brunch somewhere. 
So do you all, use commercial patterns/indie patterns? Make your own patterns or completely free style?