Well I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted, a death in my husband’s family, my daughters rugby schedule, and my work schedule October was just a blur….

To catch up on everything I have found two sources for the Mustard Yellow fabric I’m looking for now…I’m just on the fence if I really want it…

Wool Crepe its 21.00 a yard, waiting to see if it goes on sale this month.
Wool Crepe - Curry Yellow


Crepe Solid from  which is is only 4.99 a yard

Excuse the papers in the back…

I’m currently working on planning out my birthday countdown attire
Which my birthday isn’t until February but still have to plan ahead.
I rearranged my sewing room today, and I finally accept that I have a fabric addiction!

This was suppose to be a panaromic photo….lol But I have 6 bins of fabric, and my cutting table cubbie full

This weekend Joann’s has its 50% off of clearance, and several good coupons. Notion sales is tomorrow 60%, you know those come every once in a while.
But lets talk about Joann’s, so I had to go to Joann’s on Monday to get lining for a skirt that I was planning on making but body shut down…and I fell asleep at my sewing machine. Anywho… I ask the lady when will the clearance items go back on sale, she said She didn’t know…Probably nothing until Thanksgiving. So I told her well I will just save my coins until then. But I bought the lining I had found on the clearance section because it felt amazing…

Friday I always stop back into Joann’s because its my happy place! And to my SURPRISE what do I see, 50% off clearance items! I went into this long drawn out rant to my husband how the lady lied to me at the store on Monday, and had I known the sale was on I would have went back to that same store, to undig all the fabric I had hid until Thanksgiving….

But I said it’s fine, I will be going back to Joann’s tomorrow for my refund of the difference.
Today I found this black material which felt amazing on the clearance section, so I grabbed it up, along with a acrylic quilter ruler. I want a black evening dress, and I believe this material will work great so I brought it home and draped it on my dress form…

I have decided to invest these next winter months into learning my serger, so I signed up for a online serger class, because the books and little videos online wasn’t helping much. The class has projects which I believe will work best for me. So I will review that course as Im going along

I had planned on making me Cardigan tonight, but I don’t think I like the fabric anymore so we shall how that will go.