Why did you start sewing???

For me its because I always have ideals but can never find the item in my price range, or my size. So this bring me to my current issue…. I want some wide leg pants, in a mustard yellow fabric to go with this top I plan to make… But I’m not sure what fabric I should get for it…
I want these pants, or similar

I found this online, fabric says crepe
Also referred to as marigold

What about this from vogue Fabrics?

What type of fabric should I be searching for??? Help 


I’m late in posting this review, work work it seems the last few weeks

But I wanted to post my final photos of this non-wearable garment for myself that is lol
What I learned in making this garment 
  • Use the body form, to see how the pieces will fit and where they will fall

I cut out the cape, then I took it to the body from with the pattern pieces, just to see how it would lay. 

NOW had I done that in the beginning, I would have realized that I would want to extend the cape in the front to compensate for my chest. 
I would have also made the top longer since I had extended the cape in the front. 
Once I put the cape cut out and pattern on the body form. I knew this project wasn’t going to go as plan. But I did decided to finish anyway…
The zipper also gave me the blues, and I ended up still installing it upside down… Sighhhhhh
I look forward to the days where I can skip over the instructions for this part, and just employ the techniques I will learn… Because the instructions sometimes make no sense at all….
Im going to say if I attempted to make this pattern again, I will have to extend and adjust the pieces to give me the fit I wanted…. I have no photos of me in it, but lets just say…. It ended up looking like a baby with a bib on instead of flowing like a cape… 
Im going to also say, this pattern may run kinda small, I cut a 18 out, and I didn’t like how it fit me, and my daughter who is a good 100 pounds smaller than me, it was just a smidget to big for her..
Well on to new projects…. I will figure out what to do with this… one