Good Evening 
I signed up for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge, Challenge Information, because I like to be challenges lol! So I found this Vogue pattern in JoAnn’s fabric and I said this would be great for me.
It looks a little strange, a cape like turtle neck garment, but for me it works! 
Because you see IM ALWAYS COLD, I have two shawls in my cubicle at work, and I can’t ride in the car with the AC on to long, no matter how hot it is. So I figured this garment would be great for me in the winter time, I don’t have to bother about having my shawl at work because IM WEARING IT!
So my pattern is cut out, now just got to get the fabric cut out, and sew sew sew…..
                                                 This will be my first Vogue Pattern

Happy Saturday

This will be a post in split in two.

I started sewing in February and was seeing the Love print fabric floating around, and I wanted some but never got around to ordering any. While in Hancock on the value yard table they had some, 3 yards with some flaws. So I grabbed thinking I was going to make a cardigan or something. I picked up this colorful fabric for FranChesca.

She decided she wanted a jumper and picked out Simplicity 1355 seemed easily but she wanted  a solid color she went into our stash and grabbed all black. I was thinking it was somewhat bland, I told her she could have the Love fabric and I would keep the colorful one. DEAL!

Fast Fwd
She only wanted the top in Love, fine I had some yardage of all black ity knit so I cut out the pants barely. Well reading those instructions on how to assembly the pants didn’t make any sense to me, they wanted you to sew it at the crotch before adding pockets.
After fumbling with that material I couldn’t figure it out so I tossed it. Got up the next day back to Hancock, the all black fabric I wanted couldn’t afford. So back home we go, I thought I have just enough fabric to cut out either front or back in all black jersey knit at the house, and then we will have to use LOVE for one front or back. So back to the sewing room I go. It dawned on me that Mimi G did a sew along for this pattern.
Mimi G Simplicity 1355

I found it, and was able to finish the pants and the outfit. 

Bumps in the road

  • I cut a hole in it while trimming the seams
  • stitched it together
  • no bias tape never used it before, messed that up a few times
  • toss fabric because I had skimped on the material

What I learned

  • Read the package for material before cutting
  • Make sure I have enough fabric first
  • Construction
  • Regardless of the instructions it is easier for me too
  • Add the pockets first
  • Then sew front to back
  • One inside out, into the other sew the crotch all the way up and be on my merrily way!
  • Learning more of the concept of bias, binding how to find the bias etc
Here are the photos of construction, she wanted elastic around the ankles so I cut off about 2 inches, the is View A bottom, with View C top


Happy Friday

So I will be the first to admit I hate contests, mainly because I hate to lose lol, but Rhianna at Fashion Design, Lifestyle, and DIY had a contest marking I believe 5,000 hits for her blog.

So I went beside my usual scroll on past giveaways contest attitude and I entered in won!! I really wanted the keepsake box, and I was so glad to receive it. When you get a chance check out her blog she does everything over there!! And she talks back when you leave a comment. That is sooooo refreshing in the blogging world.

FranChesca looked at the package when it came and said, what did you get from Rhianna (She was thinking the singer), my husband assumed it was more fabric both were wrong! So as children always do, she wanted stuff so she got the nail polish and the pen, and I got to keep the keepsake box. Her words, oh no not another keepsake box! I love these things I even got her one years ago, it has a zipper and I put in her favorite outfits as a baby and a little things to keep.

What I received

It has a lint roller, a fancy pen and nail polish (FranChesca took) The bird cage she asked me what type of bird will fit in this. I just gave her a blank stare, the mason jar with top and straw, journal, and a personal note that will go in the keepsake box lol

                                                     Here is my current keepsake box

Fabulous Finds

My sewing budget is somewhat low this week, but I did grab a few clearance stuff from Joann’s last weekend I got some velvet that I plan to use to make something for my husband. I also stock on zippers at Hancocks too.
And today I came across this piece of something I don’t know what it is but it have the appearance of crocodile! I love it was thinking about a clutch purse but will use it for the Mr.

It was 29.99 with the sale I only paid 6.00 for a nice size piece

But my favorite find this week was in half price books. Two books that I have saved to purchase I got for a good price no shipping.

I got The Dressmaker handbook of sewing couture sewing techniques, this book gets mixed reviews on Amazon but when I was in Barnes and Nobles reading it I could understand it, it has great photos so I wanted but not for 35.00. I picked it up today for 13.48.

Also wanted High Fashion Sewing Secrets by Claire Schaeffer, I really like Claire. And think I will stick with her for learning everything, lol. I got his book for 4.99 I believe this one was 19.99 in Barnes and Nobles.

Im one of those people if I learn something and it works for me, I will keep using it no need to look for other methods etc, I want to master my techniques, and I believe Claire Schaeffer will get me there.
                   Do you follow multiple techniques? Or do you prefer to learn one way and master it?

P.S. My serger still scares me. What should be my first project with it, Im scared Im going to mess something up so I haven’t used it on anything yet.