Happy Friday!

 So one day this week, I received an email from Torrid, which I love this store but I don’t shop there often but I do love their clothing. And I went to the one of the sweaters, and I was like oh nice!!
Go here for original Torrid Lace Sleeve Raglan $44.50
I like.. I can make this..So I went home went through my collection and found Simplicity 1317.  Went through bin after after for fabric and found this piece of value fabric I had got at Hancock over the summer for 4.95.
Now let me first admit looking at the piece of fabric which was probably a little under a yard. I knew it was going to be a stretch to get a shirt out of it but I loved the color so I said we well make it work.

First Problem

There was a hole, and both pieces were suppose to be cut on the fold, where the hole was.. so a little light bulb goes off Threads Magazine August/September edition has an article about how to insert a lace filled slot seam! So I made a 5/8 seam allowance and said I will fill the seam allowance with lace
 I read the article a little more math that I could catch being a newbie so I stuck with making the lace  1 inch 1/2 folded it basted it in half. 
Attached it to the basted seam 
Then open the seam
The article was more detail specific and worth grabbing, moving on

Second Problem

Inspiration, says, deep scoop neck, Simplicity 1317 is a higher neck line. What do I decide to do, cut the neck line for small, but keep it going to the Large shoulder area. Simple fix this will work

Third Problem

Did Not take into consideration of the neckline, needed new neck band. I tried to force it didnt work I added to the neck band out of the little pieces I had left, it neckline doesn’t lay flat now perfectly but it will do! I did ask Nakisha of  Sew Crafty Chemist Check her out here, if I could fix it. She pointed out that raglans are best for people with broad shoulders. Which made me very happy because thats me.. like a mini linebacker I am lol! She had suggestions on what I could do, but when I tried it on with a bra it seemed to be a little bit better, so Im just going throw on some necklaces when I wear it

Fourth Problem

I was suppose to cut two bands, for the bottom only had one, so this means I had to be creative, so I took the lace and used that as the front band for the bottom.


So I wanted to pair it with some jeans, but would you believe I do not have any jeans!! Not 1 pair! I normally wear slacks, so I came across these jeans and I want them but having a hard time justifying purchasing jeans already ripped lol
Jeans are made by PZI Jeans, style is Tiffany distressed skinny jeans $79.00 they do have 30% sale labor day weekend
First time working with lace, not to bad…. So what do you think of the sweater?

Good Evening

Thank Goodness the work day has come to an end. Well I haven’t done any sewing this past week. Just learning this serger, I will say its a little intimidating but I’m learning, upper looper lower upper, differential feed blah blah! LOL feel like I’m in school but I’m investing the time now to learn it so when I use regularly I won’t run into too many hiccups.


I don’t get to walk until January! But I am done!!!
This last semester has been the hardest I had to pick up another full time job plus school. I was ready to call it quits! But I made it.

Moving on to my weekend Finds…. I didn’t get to use my sewing allowance like I normally do this weekend because my daughter headed back to school so you know what that means. But I did pick up some things. I grabbed Mimi G new Simplicity pattern, I wasn’t sure about the dress one but for .99 cents I had to support. But I cant wait to make the pants.

 My pattern haul from this past weekend!! No more patterns no more patterns!! Although I was told that there is a Joann’s going out of business where my sister in law lives so one more exception! Then no more patterns

  Haul from prior weekend from Hancock I love this cream fabric, and I thought this print was nice on the other one I got this from the 3.95 table

All the way FROM!!!

Lastly I wanted some African fabric etc so I called my hair braider, she is from Africa and visits and receives care packages, and I sent her a photo and said I need fabric like this. Well would you believe while we were texting she was in New York so she brought me some home!!
I’m so elated!!!!!

This one is my favorite!!

Thats my weekend wrap up for NOW! I have too much fabric a lot of ideas, just need to get to working on it!!
Until Next time Sew On!

Good Evening all!!

First not sewing related but 2 weeks left and I will be done with school!!! So I will be able to spend more time in my sewing cave.
Soooooooooooo I was working on New Look 6232 for my husband, and I had cut out the pattern fabric and was sewing had yoke/back/arms/front together and I went down stairs and asked him to try it! Yea that project came to an abrupt stop. So I stormed back to my cave, and I pulled out one of his shirts and disassembled it and found out yeah it was just not the right size. 
This Unisex sizing sucks. And I can’t say if its just a bad pattern because I’m not a 54 in chest, and this shirt didn’t fit me well either. This post is just about pictures and comparing. This project has reaffirm my feelings that unisex and one size fits all ….is very rare maybe for a smaller person. I think this pattern runs small or maybe just not plus friendly.

When I had high hopes

Wanted contrast on the collar and cuffs 

 It was starting to form

After disassembling the shirt comparing it to the pattern

The back piece

The yoke

Front piece

But the arm not to far off

Now this part is what made the project a successful learning experience

The instruction to doing the placket really was not good for a newbie in my opinion it just didn’t make sense so I took to youtube and found Michael Coates, think he is called the sewing Guru and his instructions was very simple. And I followed well sort of because he said they two were suppose to be mirrored images and of course I did wrong so I had to seam rip one out and do it again. LOL
But check out my placket!!! You would have thought I won a million dollars I was so happy. 

 My first placket and second placket attempt

I have found another pattern McCall 2447 and I believe this one will be a winner! I measured one piece the front against the husband’s current shirt (or rather disassembled shirt) And it appears to be the right sizing.

I think Im going to cut this pattern out measure etc, then sew something else. My last two projects did not go as plan.