Good Evening All!

So I spent some time yesterday, cutting out the fabric for my daughters pants. As I was cutting I thought this fabric frays easily, but we will make it work. And I can tell you this fabric WAS beautiful to me! I made sure I had enough left over for me something.

Before I CUT, I was in love!!!

Well I did test run on this fabric playing with my tensions, last night and this fabric basically fall apart so its back to the drawing board. I got it at Joann’s on clearance I believe, so the rest of the fabric maybe I can make her a scarf, but as for as a garment, it is a no go!
Maybe if you were sewing for someone you didn’t like… hehehe!!
Wardrobe malfunction….
So its back to the drawing board

Good Evening ALL!

              Can I tell you how excited I am even though its Monday, and its my heaviest work day. Maybe I’m still on my high from my Joann’s sale haul. You know the 70% notion sale. YES that one, I was so upset that I missed the 50% off notion sale they had a few weeks ago. So I made sure I made this, and I was very nervous checking out when she said total was 150.00, I looked at my husband like oh no. But she scanned the coupon and it came to a whooping 48.00!!!
I almost fainted….So with that and my other purchase, I spent about 75.00, in the store which was my budget.

I’m working this week on two projects one for my husband and daughter. If I could ever figure this wearing ease thing out. I guess I should pick up this Thread sewing guide to see if it explains. I keep looking at the pattern and walking away. So any tips on how to figure out wearing ease, design, and making adjustments I would be very much appreciate it!!

First haul

Second set of items

Hopefully I will have two finish projects this week.New Look 6191


 and New Look 6232                     

Hello All 

This will be a long post which I will try to make short. First I copy an inspirational pant picture from a Style Watch magazine a co worker had. People Style Watch March 2014, Sorry for the large photo but its the pants on right corner called Slim Shady Pants, for $395.00. So the way my daughter’s tuition is set up, this was way out of my price range. So I found some fabric and a burda pattern and thought you can DO THIS
So I grabbed 6938 and my fabric and begun to cut. Now I quickly realized I was short on fabric based on the envelope but I thought I will make it work. I cut everything out, just to realize as I stood their with two pieces to my waistband! It was to be cut on the fold one piece!! So found enough space left to recut it.
This was my first Burda pattern so I kept flipping the pages looking for the instructions to realize it was very brief. I followed the instructions okay. The pockets were confusing at first until I looked again to see that they had the little key showing if it was the right side or other side I was connecting. What gave me the headache was the steps 8-10. The WAIST BAND!!! 

 I used stabilizer for the button holes

Jacked up waist band

Trying to figure out how many rolls of elastic was going in and how they expected me to close the seam back was confusing. And apparently I marked the buttonhole wrong because the hole was suppose to be in the middle row but my pants it ended on the bottom row.
Another thing I thought the bottom of the pants where elastic but based on the instruction it just a turn over hem. Which I guess is fine, truthfully after I wrestled with the elastic in the waist band I didn’t want to see anymore elastic.
Now below is a photo on the package that shows material needed, Now after reading it a million times, Im assuming its telling me I need a 3/8 elastic and a 3/4 draw string elastic or maybe not?

Final photos


So the elastic in the waist band is jacked up to say the least, but it is wearable and I love the way the material fill. so I will be hemming these pants and wearing them like I spent $395.00. If a person is looking that close to my waist band they may just have a problem. I guess I wil study the instructions again to figure out how to do the waistband correctly. But for my first pants WITH POCKETS! Im very very happy.
I styled it with a shirt that I had around the house, never worn I picked up last summer. I think when I wear it I want a peplum top so we shall see. I was working on a she made it, for August but I don’t think I will have enough outfits done so Im pushing it out to September.
So any tips for the waistband construction would be greatly appreciated, I guess now that I see the right size I needed I will be better the next time. I still don’t understand how you are suppose to close the seam if  you open it to slide the elastic through.

Hello All

My daughter requested McCall 6744 View A, and with all the material available, would you believe she wanted stripes again. Im starting to think she loves stripes just as much as I love polka dots.

When she grabbed the fabric out of the tote, I cringed. No no no! No matching stripes but as the loving mother I am, I said sure. So I whipped up this quick number. The only thing left to do is the hem, which hopefully I can figure out how to do it on my serger.

Skills learned
*Matching stripes, I did pretty good if I say so myself.

I think this was a jersey knit that I had picked up at Hancock on the 4.95 yard table, yes it curled when doing the arm holes but I kept on going on.

I need to look into learning techniques on stabilizing arm holes and neck. And proper way to finish off the seams when you turn over the neck and arm hole areas. So any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Stripe Matching got it all good self for the one underneath the arm. But who checks arm pit area any way right?

See that one not matching well either side so at least I was consistent

Pattern Description:  pull over tank dress
Pattern Sizing:  Pattern runs big so we opted for the Size Small
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow? Very easy to follow, I didnt understand how they wanted me to cut out the fabric so I winged plus I was doing stripes
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I don’t have any dislikes about the pattern
Fabric Used:  Its jersey knit
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  none
Would you sew it again?  Yes
Would you recommend it to others? I would recommend to everyone, just beginning sewing, vacation dress, or something quick to do to get you out of a sewing slump

Hello All!!      

    I started sewing in February of this year, and really enjoy the process. I have a small sewing room/office that I use. I try to stay neat and organized, or rather clean up my mess very quickly.
I was blessed to get the sewing machine I wanted and essentials from husband, here are a few pictures of my space….As you all know I recently added my serger


 I forget about the patterns, We went to Joann’s earlier this week, and my husband asked me how many patterns did I told him…………Well, if you add 1, carry the 5, x 2, ummm 30! My daughter screams no its a lot! I think I have over 150 patterns I will not buy any more patterns I don’t think….. No that’s right I will NOT, buy any more patterns Until September.


And with the many facebook sewing groups and blogs, I have been able to save money on supplies and fabric. But I’m very FEARFUL, that I will become a Fabric Hoarder. Sometimes its to hard to walk away from gorgeous fabric. I think about it, and think about it, and when no one is looking I buy. Sneak it in the house up the stairs, and because of this I have THIS!! 

My cutting table cubbies are filled with fabric as well

Now remember its only been 6 months, well not even 6 months yet.


My goal is to really kick up and sew down my stash. I joined the Summer Stash Busting challenge, and as long as I don’t look at fabric I will not buy anymore until the end of the Challenger. Wish me luck!! One eye open, fingers crossed.

My question for the day would be how large is your fabric stash, Is it out of control? Taking in more than you push out, or is it just right? Any tips or suggestions to keep it under control?
Fabric hoarders anonymous??

Hello All

So I decide to spend my 4th of July sewing of course, and I thought I would just sew up this quick number 
McCalls M6884, View D, picture made it look easy 15 steps seemed easy. But this dress gave me the blues, specifically! The TIES! I also joined The Quirky Peach,Here Summer Stash bust challenge so hopefully you will see me posting more. Because I have too  much fabric for just starting sewing in February.

Line ArtLooking at the back of the dress, it did not appear to me that one tie, is suppose to go around the back, it looks like some how they are only in the front. So I kept second guessing myself that I was doing it wrong. 

And as I searched for a photo to add to my blog from the website, would you believe I came across this photo lol
M6884Which CLEARLY shows, that one of the ties foes around the back! I could have saved myself a lot of stress last night if I would have just looked on the website. I tried to find reviews showing the back but I didn’t see any.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO taking this into consideration, I guess the ties were not all that bad after all. I don’t think I will make this dress again tho.

My Sewing Review

Pattern Description:
McCall’s 6884, faux wrap dress

Pattern Sizing:
I cut a size 20

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes, I guess
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Not to me, or maybe I just overanalyze a little to much

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
This pattern pieces where shaped a little funny to me, so I keep turning them thinking they were on wrong, I used my seam ripper a lot

Fabric Used:
ITY Knit

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
No, I will not I don’t think, I may revisit in the future. Yes I would

The pattern was an okay pattern, I think I may have enjoyed sewing the other views more.


From a cut out pattern pieces to
Beginning to look like something
I turned it inside out, to pin it together

Inside after being sewn…

 Gathered with two string method. 


Finished product

Sash not straight on the dress form

I said after I made this dress I wasn’t going to make another, looking at this evening I’m starting to like it more. But still unsure if I will make it again. I think I will add to the container of maybe, and I don’t make another one within a year or something maybe less I will give it away.

The question I have is what do you do with patterns you don’t plan on making anymore? Goodwill or do you keep them? 

Hello All!

              I am happy to report that a finally got my serger. I guess it really shouldn’t say finally because I have only been sewing 6 months. So I will rephrase it, I have added a new member to my sewing family. I went back and forth on what model I was going to get, but I settled with the Brother 5234 PRW because of the great deal I got at Please Click Here.
                 I went with this model for a few reasons:

  • 14×10″ extension work table with full accessory storage
  • Easy Innovis one-touch needle threading for two needles
  • Differential feed to gather or keep fabrics from puckering 
  • Two needles and 2-3-4 thread stitch configuration

Just to name a few, I choose the package I did from because it came with

  • Extended parts and labor warranty 10 years/
  • Manufacturer warranty is 5 Year Electrical 1 Year Parts and Labor
  • Learn to Serge DVD using my specific serger. It is a Bertina Studio production/ It has a workbook on one of the dvds 120 pages, I’m still debating on how to print this. Because I want it in color, but that might be expensive to print. I love to feel pages, versus looking at things online.
  • Standard foot
  • Blind stitch/hem foot 
  • gathering foot
  • 1/8″ Covered Piping Application Serger Foot 
  • up to 1/4″ Pearl Bead Sequin Foot
  • Serger Elasticator 1/2″ Elastic Gathering Foot
EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING  Ordered Wednesday had it by Friday 
Sad news been so busy haven’t been able to get it up and running. 
Guess how I will spend my 4th of July?

Here our photos out the box/It is heavy

What it did not come with is thread, I dont know why I thought it would have thread BUT long and be hold Joann’s Fabric was having a 50% off all thread through JULY 5, 2014. But Joann’s doesn’t carry maxilock, so I went over to Hancock, and I remembered they took competitor coupons so I got my thread. I first went and got 3 cones of black and white, popped in the dvd, she says get four distinct colors, so you could learn things about the upper and lower looper etc, so back the store I went and saved over $40.00 on thread. Now I’m all set to learn.

So I have to ask, Do you think a serger is an essential tool?