Its funny the last week of April I sat down, and got ready to plan all my projects and LIFE happen! So I have not completed any of the projects I visualized. My mom was hospitialized for a few days, so my mind was focusing on that. BUT I did manage to squeeze out this project.

Kwik-Sew K3422 

As a newbie, the topstitching on this project was some what bothersome and the placket. I was at step 5 and 6, when I realized this garment would not be wearable lol. But I continued to finish the shirt. And what a joy to create. By the end of the project, I had used my buttonhole foot, and attached buttons!!!

Yay me!!!

Will I make another Kwik Sew K3422, or any Men’s shirt for that matter?? The ANSWER IS YES!!!
I enjoyed the process and soon I will be able to make a wearable shirt.  I really love men button up shirts, and its what my husband wears 90% of the time so it would be nice to make him some (custom made with love shirts)

Reviewing mistakes made in this garment

  • Did not cut the collar big enough
  • My collar stand, I cut that out weird as well 
  • Placket looked so funny-need to work on shaping the tip
  • I sewed one of the sleeves in wrong, my placket ended up on the front  (duh duh moment)
  • I forgot to cut my notches when I cut out the fabric

What I learned

  • how to add a collar to a collar stand
  • the beginner way of making a placket
  • how to use my button hole 
  • how to sew a button on with my machine 
What I will be working on
  • building the perfect collar/collar stand
  • beautiful plackets
Material used:
A sheet from a set that I had bought at least 3 years ago, that was to little for any of the beds in the house so it just sat. So I didn’t waste any of my good fabric 
SIDE NOTE: I did get flustered on some of the steps, but I realized I could have made this whole experience easier had I used one of my husbands ready made shirt as a guide to reference with the instructions. 

Oh and I did not sew the pocket

Without further adoooo, photo process