I did a lot of shopping this weekend, mainly because I have been waiting on the Joann’s daffodil sale 50% of clearance fabric. I have waited 3 months for this sale, the sale started today and I was happy with my Fabulous Finds!. Now locally, we have 1 Hancock Fabrics and a ton, of Joann’s. But the clearance department is always different. I had plan on going to 6 stores, but only did 3 stores. Mainly because my budget for fabric, I blew lol…and I was tired. But I have everything I need to make my daughter and I summer wardrobe! And even picked up a few fabric pieces for the mister. My shopping started on Friday which was clearly a sign that I would be spending a lot of $$$$
         I made the mistake of going into Hancock Fabric on Friday night, big mistake lol, I came across a table that had fabric for 3.95 a yard, and lets just say I went crazy… as you can see! I did pick up 3 kwik sew patterns and a thread magazine. I felt bad for all the people who were waiting at the counting corner behind me, since I had so much fabric to be measured, I had the rep, stop working with me and take care of those who were waiting. 

              Saturday- I finally got a chance to stop into Home depot, and get some clear storage bins, and some craft paper (well its called builders paper) so I can stop trying to piece together old newspaper when attempting a self drafted pattern. I came across a picture of a large tote, where wooden dowel and hangers..so I thought I would try to recreate, it wasn’t looking good so I just grabbed the clear containers, and my builders paper and came home. Sometimes simple is better, and less of a headache. I cant remember the website where the original photos was taken…but I’m posting the photo with the disclaimer! it is not my photo
What I wanted it to look like 
What I ended up with
YAAAAAY finally craft paper
I did come across a blog, that had some interesting ways to store fabric click  HERE
Here are my Fabulous Finds, from today from Joann’s DAFFODIL sale fabric wise. I did pick some elastic and McCall patterns on sale 5 for 7
 I also stopped by my local goodwill and picked up quite a few items all for $12.00. And although my pockets are a little deflated I’m very happy with all my purchases this weekend. 
NOW I just need someone to come and cut out all these patterns, any takers??

Well, seeing its Easter Sunday, and not Friday this post is a little late…But you know how life gets in the way sometimes. Now that I have had a chance to sit down and relax..Im updating the blog.

Fridays- Are my half days at work. I consider, it my few hours of just me time. I normally will hit up the craft stores, or rummage sales for some FABULOUS FINDS!

Normally I end up going to Joann Fabric, and Tuesday Morning, I love these two stores. But two weeks ago I ended up in the new Hobby Lobby by my job. I was highly disappointed, their pattern file cabinets,were stuck so I couldn’t find any patterns… So I went next door to Charming Charlie, and fell in love with two purses, and a jewelry set. I didn’t make the purchase that day, but the following day my husband came in tote with the items…ELATED!!!  I really love the handle on the purse with animal print. And adore the clasp on the smaller purse.

This past Fabulous Find Friday, I went to TJ Maxx, and Joann’s, I grabbed a Steve Madden purse from TJ Max, and out of Joann’s I picked up a book that I had been eyeing with my 50% off coupon Pants for Real People, and also some .50 cent ribbon, and a 6.00 piece of remnant fabric, that I plan to use to make a pencil skirt. And the coveted Burda 7065, to make one of Mimi G’s latest tutorial.

I love Fabulous Finds Fridays… its the one day, that I focus on me, and my hobby! Some Fridays I make a purchase, other times its just skimming the aisles..

How do you squeeze in time for yourself?

     Its MONDAY!!!  Don’t know about you guys, but my Monday’s are always busy at work, by the time I get home..I’m ready to turn in.. lights out!!. But Today I’m chilling in my sewing room I’m going through my sewing patterns looking for something to make for Easter, and figure I’ll take a break since I’m so indecisive and do a post about Mimi G Maxi dress tutorial found HERE!

   My daughter wanted to sew something this weekend, but by the time we got home from the craft store, we realized we didn’t have her right size. So we took a trip back to craft store, and the pattern wasn’t on sale, and frugal-newbie I am, I said um noooo! We will wait for it to go back on sale and we left the store. I remembered once we got home, I had still had these Mimi G tutorials I hadn’t created yet. The only problem was…. NO CRAFT PAPER…NO BROWN PAPER BAG! so we searched the house for news paper, and piece them together to trace the pattern.

  I kinda just assisted my daughter with this pattern, sewed were she got stuck etc, corrected her trace lines etc. The one thing I would suggest that we didn’t was use a new T-shirt that fits nicely, that has been washed. My daughter grabbed a shirt that fit well sorta but had been stretched some….so our measurements were a little off…

NOW do know this was my daughter project, so when she said she wanted the maxi to come to her ankles, I thought.. this KID is crazy but I said SURE if that’s what you want, after we measured….and sewed it she says to me… I feel like I’m flooding!! you know how your pants can be to short…. I just smiled and nod, and told her the dress was fine…its at the ankle as you requested.

Problems while sewing

  • attaching the binding
  • hemming

I did get to use my double needle, because we decided to hem it with the double needle which we did WRONG! but by the time I realized I had sewed the wrong side it was to late, my zigzag is on the good side lol!! But since its white thread, I said forget it let be!

AND NO the tutorial doesn’t require a double stitch step…
here is the jacked up hem lol

My daughter loves the dress, and she wasn’t concern with matching stripes. When we do this project again, we will redo the pattern we created, and go to the floor length wise LIKE Mommy suggested

Finish photos



   Back again, I sewed this McCall 6754 for my lovely daughter, a couple weeks ago. Originally I bought the pattern to do view C, because I saw it on Mimi G blog HERE but my daughter caught a glimpse of the envelope, and she requested View D. She had chosen, a chevron ity knit, but after I cut it out and attempted to sew the first piece it wasn’t working well, so I pulled out a heavier knit, and went to work. 
  I was so proud of myself, because I completed the complete dress in one evening, my daughter was gone with her father for the weekend, by the time she return she had her dress… hemmed and all!! 
The only thing I didn’t do with the dress that the direction called for was put the elastic in. I also wanted to do short sleeves but since it was HER dress, I followed her requested.
I think the dress dips a little low in the front, so if I make it again I will add a inch or so to the pattern.
                                         Other than that I was very happy with this project.

Only mishaps I had was I kinda burnt the lining, when I ironing something I forgot to use my pressing cloth. 

I’m not sure if I was suppose to hem it with the lining, or if it was to be two separate pieces but I hemmed the lining in with the bottom hem LOL. 
Oh I almost forgot well I DID!! I did my first ever dart in this pattern!! so this newbie, can check shoulder dart off the list… lol
She wore this dress this weekend for a Quinceanera, I thought she would feel it wasn’t dressy enough but she put on leather vest, and wore it. no belt..Happy Child equals a Happy Parent
Tell me what you think? I will master the hem one day, one day!!


Hey Guys
     This second project I also completed in February. AND NO NO NO I wont label all my projects 1-through 6,750 lol… But the first three projects have been labeled as such
      My daughter was pleasantly surprised to see me try a photo tutorial. Now granted when I looked at the Mimi G picture tutorial I DID NOT understand it at all especially the sleeve step..But I figure why not try it. So me and my daughter took a trip to Hancock Fabric got a stripped ponte knit, and came home and I went to work.

             It wasn’t until I had cut out the pattern/fabric, that I realized my daughter had chosen stripes…
                                           Newbie+ Matching strips= loss of hair. 
It was to late to worry so I did the best I could. With sewing this pattern I didn’t run into as many problems as I thought I would..The only part that gave me a headache, and it took me two days, several stitches ripped out was the collar.

In Mimi G tutorial HERE Step 2 of the sewing the collar, it took me 2 days to figure this part out.
Step 1, in the sewing of the collar I did incorrectly as well, but that wasn’t to bad of a messed up. If I would have paid better attention to the notches, I would have known which end to sew close first.

Step 2 gave me the biggest headache because I misinterpreted what “lay on top of the other one” meant.
It wasn’t until I was driving to work on the 2nd day of wrestling with this collar, that I realized she meant for me to lay out the first piece all the way open and then put the second piece on top of that then sew it together. I HAD BEEN TRYING TO JUST PUT THE TWO SEAMS TOGETHER SEW AND THEN FLIP IT… I kept telling my husband but you see you can see the seams, so it has to be attached this way…DUH DUH MOMENT

               Once I rushed home, after work! the moment of clarity, I had my daughter (thank God for kids) rip those stitches out for the 6th time and I finished this thing in under 15 minutes.
This project can easily be done in one sitting from start to finish. So I will definitely make it again
I did not use any interfacing in the collar as the instruction suggested

I couldn’t find a small belt for my daughter to take a picture with PLUS she wants to wear it open, I had to cut off her head on some of these photos. She 15, and yea she can make some faces…

This photo is taken directly from the tutorial @ http://www.lowpricefabric.blogspot.com/2013/10/mimi-g-pattern-review-diy-steps.html#.U0DQrvldXwh

 Now take two of the four cut pieces for the collar and sew two together as shown in the white line. Then do the same thing for the other two pieces.



 Lay one on top of the other and sew all the way around the outer edge as shown on the white line and also along the bottom edges.


Until next time Happy Sewing!!!

   My first project that I created, was back in February, and I followed Mimi G, Sewing 101 learn to sew tutorial. It is free, and very informative. I would recommend all newbies, to check it out! PLUS its free, and you cant beat that.
   With this being my first project it was far from perfect, I even wanted to quit. Some of the mishaps I had were:

  • not keeping my hand down with cutting, so my pieces were a little uneven
  • cut the lining to short luckily my daughter help me rearrange the fabric so that I could get two more pieces out of the fabric
  •  ironing the interface on the wrong side. Big mistake which caused caked up mess on my Rowenta iron. My iron that I had just purchased, so I quickly was introduced to Rowenta soleplate cleaner. 
  • did not cut along enough piece for the waist band
  • my zipper wasn’t completely on correctly

But beside all the mishaps I had my daughter loved her skirt, and wore it to school very proudly. And she is a freshman and high school, so you know if it was good enough for her to wear to school it couldn’t have been to bad. I used my seam ripper so much I think I started taking it to work to me. Thinking it could solve all my problems. Sorta like those staples commercials with the easy button. I think I still got great satisfaction being able to say I Kely, completed this project.
 From start to finish this project took me about 5 days.
The tutorial is broken down in segments, and technically one could get through them all in one day. Mimi takes the time to walk through so much information about patterns, the different notations, cutting etc I think its better to take it one day at a time, so you can absorb all the information she is teaching you.

The material for this pattern I bought at my local Joann Fabrics, along with the all the other items needed to complete the tutorial.
The tutorial can be found here

This is my first official post! Yay Me

       I have created this blog to document my sewing trials and errors and also my hair growing out process.
I am a new sewer/machine sewer and garment sewing, I do know basic hand sewing stitches etc. I was motivated to start sewing by Mimi G Styles http://www.mimigstyle.com/.
     I was gifted my sewing machine this year in February from my husband it was an early birthday gift. I have sewn three garments since then all for my daughter. And for the month of April I will be looking to sew some things for myself. I am really interested in learning about men’s clothing, and construction so I’m also following some bloggers that create men clothing.
   As I am new to sewing, and looking to dive right in, any suggestions or tips to make the experience even more enjoyable will be greatly appreciated.